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Rules & Regulation

  • Every student must pay the dues on the date notified from time to time.
  • Failure to pay dues on due date will entail a fine of Rs.10/- per day.
  • In case of non-payment of dues for long time the name will be struck off from the college roll.
  • Absence fine per period is rs.10/- and Rs.20/- full day.
  • Rs.100/- per paper will entailed from absentee of the house examination.
  • The name of student shall be struck off from the college if he / she remain absent without leave for 06 days or more. The re-admission fee is Rs.500/-

  • As per rules of H.P. University, a student is entitled to appear in the annual examination only if he / she have attended a minimum of 75% of schedule lecturers in every subject defaulters will not be allowed to appear in the university annual examination.
    Attendance in seminars, guest lecturers, co-curricular activities and other functions organized in the college is mandatory. Absenteeism will invite fine as per the decision taken by the College Management in this regard.

  • Self discipline is the best discipline. All students are expected to observe rules and regulations of Co-education to enable the smooth working of the college
  • Being prospective teachers follow the principles of self-discipline, respect yourself, respect fellow being & the college staff.
  • Keep aloof from the active politics in the college campus.
  • The students shall give in writing an undertaking to follow all rules & regulations of the college, at the time of admission.
  • Any ACT OF RAGGING in the campus or in and around the hostel will be severly dealt with and the Principal of the college shall expel the guilty students from the college. (Ragging includes any type of physical or mental torture done by the individual or groups either directly or indirectly).
  • Every student should carry his / her identity card issued to them after admission. It should be shown / produced on demand by the authorities of the college.
  • The acts mentioned under are supposed as the acts of misconduct and indiscipline and will be punished with either fine or suspension, expulsion or both.
    1. Writing obscenities / dirty words on the black board, wall and furniture.
    2. Smoking, taking drugs / alcohol and tobacco etc. in the college campus including canteen.
    3. Bringing outsiders with / miscreants / anti-social elements in the college campus.
    4. Misbehaving with Lecturers and other staff members.
    5. Any destructive activity or misconduct with the members of School Teaching Practice.

  • Leave for the absence from the college shall be applied for and be obtained in advance.
  • In case of emergency, student should inform telephonically to the college authorities and the leave application may be submitted next day of their joining.
  • Leave on account of sickness must be accompanied by certificate from Govt. Hospital.
  • No leave is sanctioned during the House Examination.
  • If the student remains absent for more than 07 consecutive days without leave, the Principal reserves the right to struck off the student name from the college roll.
  • Long leave of any kind including Medical Leave is not allowed during the course.

  1. Library books may be retained by the students up to a period of 07 days after which these must be returned or can re-issue. A fine of Rs.10/- per volume per day is to be charged from the students at fault for not returning the books for more than two weeks from the date of the issue of the same.
  2. If a book at the time of returning to the library is found defected or damaged in any way the last borrower will be required to pay its full cost.
  3. There should be no scribbling, writing, marking or tearing pages. Check the book carefully when you borrow the book.
  4. Leave from the college does not imply exemption to the return of library book. In that case, student is required to return the books to the library by post under registered cover.
  5. Non-transferable library-cum-identity card are issued to all the students and books are required to be issued only on the production of these card. Students must get identity card issued within in a month after paying the dues of admission, where after no card will be issued. If card is lost, you should immediately report to the librarian who will issue duplicate card on the payment.
  6. Students are supposed to observe perfect silence in the library and are expected not to have disturbance in any way.
  7. Not more than two books can be issued to the students at a time.
  8. Student responsibility will not be over until the book is shown returned on the library card. They are advised to be very careful for getting the signature of the librarian on their card while returning.
  9. The library services shall be available to the staff and students only during the college hours..
  10. Book once issued will not be re-issued further continuously.
  11. Students are advise to keep perfect silence in the library.

  2. Block Teaching is compulsory for all the students.
  3. Every student shall have to teach for thirty days during their Block Teaching.
  4. Only two lessons can be taught in a day.
  5. Lesson plan must be approved by subject teacher.
  6. No pupil teacher is allowed to punish his /her student in the class or outside.
  7. Behave in a civilized manner with all members of the school adopted for Teaching Practice.
  8. Do not use school's chalk and other study material; bring your own teaching aids.


Internal Assessment:
  • The internal assessment will be 20% of the total marks allotted to each theory paper and will have two components; the first component will be of 10 marks to be awarded by the concerned lecturer on the basis of the projects / assignment based on some practically activity. The activity will be decided by the lecturer from the concerned course. Remaining 10 marks will be awarded on the basis of general behaviour of the student in terms if his / her overall performance in the class including regularity, punctuality and attendance.

Medium of Examination:
  • The question paper shall be set in English and Hindi. The candidates shall write their answers either in Hindi and English
  • The medium of examination in case of 'Teaching of Hindi' and 'Teaching of Sanskrit' shall be Hindi whereas in case of 'Teaching of English' the medium shall be purely English. In rest of the courses the medium may be Hindi or English


Admission Open For B.Ed. 2021-23.

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